About Robert Cuming

I am a UK accredited psychotherapist (membership with both the UKCP and mBACP) and 10 years experience working with individuals and couples providing both psychotherapy and counselling.

My private practice is provides three types of therapy support and to respond to the needs of the client and tailored to the presenting issue. The right therapeutic intervention would be discussed at consultation, these three areas with links to learn more;

In my private practice some of the key themes that clients present and I specialise in are;

  • working with issues where relationships have been identified as the problem central to the distress. This might refer to a relationship with a partner, within a professional environment or relationship with self.
  • psycho sexual difficulties or where sexual performance, sexual identity or confidence is a source of distress
  • increasing personal insight and effectiveness to help manage change or career development
  • engaging with creativity and the client’s creative process to unblock personal potential
  • working with men and masculinity
  • working with depression and anxiety
  • reducing obsessive and repeated negative thought patterns and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

As well as my clinical training and practice, I draw on my experience in business and leadership where I offer business professionals a balance of psychotherapy insight and practical tools and coaching techniques, to support individuals whether the presenting problem relates to work or personal circumstances.

In addition to my private practice covering Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted, I work as CEO at The Counselling Foundation, an organisation that provides services across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (www.counsellingfoundation.org).

Some recent testimonials


Client Amy, 26 professional from London 2016

It took me years to finally make the decision to meet a therapist. I had always associated therapy and counselling with illness, depression or abnormality. It turned out this could not be less true. Therapy with Robert enabled me to make sense of myself. I slowly began to take control of my own life and feel like a normal person; I wasn’t alone anymore

Client Julian, Manager in UK retail 2016

Robert and I have been working together for a few years now. I first started seeing him for my depression, it was actually my girlfriend’s idea to see someone and I was against the idea at first. However, a few sessions in I really started to realise the difference our sessions were beginning to make. One of the first things he said to me was; “we’re in a car, your driving and I have the map. I’m going to tell you where to go, however you’re driving so it’s up to you which way we go. Also, there’s some stuff in the boot that we’re going to have to get out at some point, but your the driver so we’ll only stop when you decide to. I thought this was brilliant

Client Caroline, Media Manager, London 2016

Thank you for all your guidance and support and giving me the space to think, it helped me get through what was and is still sometimes a difficult time. Best wishes and thank you once again


Client Jason, Business Professional London 2016

We are very happy together and have had lots of holidays over the summer to celebrate our relationship. we are taking small steps and facing a whole new and daunting world at times. I do have the courage of my convictions now to lead my authentic life. You have helped me so much and did a great job holding the space for me during the sessions – thank you very much

Chris,London July 2017

When I began therapy I came with many surface anxieties and fears, and a great lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. I think I already had some sense that beneath the surface, there some more deep-seated and fundamental issues to be addressed, but which I was afraid to face. The therapy was really a very special journey over the 3 years. It was a great release to be able to speak so freely with you.

I learned to build a new kind of relationship in which you offered me consistentcy, reliability, honesty, acceptance, and caring, all within appropriate boundaries. I deeply value the way in which you responded to whatever stage I was at, and to what I felt able to share, so sensitively and skillfully – sometimes supporting, sometimes affirming, sometimes challenging, and always helping me to focus, and to journey more deeply.

So I thank you for all you have given me, for helping me to know and understand and love myself more fully and deeply, and for enabling me to be that much more free..

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