Therapy for business professionals

I can draw on my experience in business and as CEO, to offer clients, especially those in professional and management roles practical tools and techniques, with minimal therapy language, to gain a perspective or manage a problem that they bring. In my experience this has particularly helped professionals to find therapy more accessible and as much as possible therapy jargon free.

I find high performing individuals also benefit from psychotherapy to help them deal with a specific crisis, become a more well-rounded leader or to manage a pattern of behaviour and facilitate personal growth. This work can be solution-focused, working between 8-16 weekly sessions or evolve over a longer period of time.

In my experience, by offering specific work-focused goals, alongside more in-depth psychotherapy work, I can help you achieve greater personal effectiveness and equilibrium in your work/life balance.

How can I support you?

Some key areas I am asked to work with include:


  • Therapy for leadership development, discovering leadership qualities; exploring your inner compass and values as a leader – for example, being creative in strategy work or managing your staff.
  • Therapy for conflict management, opposition in the workplace– working with personal blocks to improve your personal influence or effectiveness.
  • Therapy for dealing with change, awareness and mastery of how you relate to uncertainty in both yourself and others.
  • Therapy for negotiation, learning how to say ‘No’ and when to say ‘Yes’; the link with your own psychological background.




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